Graphic Blast MP

Graphic Blast MP (Melamine Plastic)

Our Graphic Blast MP ADA engraved sign system is regularly specified for interior public school and institutional applications because of the product’s performance in high-traffic environments, low environmental impact, design flexibility and affordability. The overall quality of melamine laminates are far superior to acrylics and photopolymers. Melamine plastics meet virtually all municipal, state and federal fire safety and building codes and are NEMA rated “self-extinguishing”.

Green Construction and LEED Benefits

  • Highly durable and requires less maintenance and replacement than similar products
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content
  • Composed of rapidly-renewable materials
  • Local / regional manufacturing within 500 miles
  • Greenguard Gold certified for low chemical and particulate emissions


Rugged, two-color, scratch resistant, non-static, fire retardant, washable melamine surface laminate with a non-glare surface and a tough brown phenolic core which is painted a contrasting color after artwork has been engraved into the surface.

  • Best “MP” melamine plastic available in 24 standard colors
  • 117 standard paint colors for screened text and graphics
  • 1/32″ raised text, graphics and Braille
  • Non-glare surface
  • Fire retardant
  • Rugged, scratch resistant

MP Plastic Material Specifications

  • Material thickness: 1/8″ and 1/4″
  • Weight: 1/8″ 1 lb./sq. ft. (2.2 kg/3 sq. cm), 1/4″ 2 lb./sq. ft. (4.4 kg/3 sq. cm)
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature: 225°F (107°C)
  • Flexural strength flat: 25,000 psi
  • Tensile strength: 22,000 psi
  • Compressive strength flat: 47,000 psi
  • Shear strength: 16,800 psi
  • Dielectric strength short time (D229 Test): 330 volts/Mil
  • NEMA rated “Self-extinguishing”