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The Impact of Signage in Healthcare

Today’s consumers have a wide range of healthcare options available, and their overall experience with your hospital brand will influence future healthcare decisions and recommendations. Clear, consistently branded signage plays a key role in conveying a hospital’s professionalism, organization, and concern for patient needs.

Best Sign Systems helps hospitals communicate the right image through thoughtful hospital sign planning and execution, ensuring smooth operations and consistent branding throughout healthcare campuses and facilities.

Best offers a number of complete sign systems specifically for healthcare. We also have installation guidelines and options for you to consider.

Strata Modular System

The Strata series of sign types is a new, curved-face, modular architectural signage system from Best Sign Systems. The complete sign solution combines a wide range of sign types and interchangeable ADA or graphic panels to address most interior signage needs. The unified system represents a timeless, elegant style that complements any architectural space.

The system accepts ADA (raised characters and Braille) or graphic panels that can be finished with digital imaging, paint or other standard finishing techniques.

Modular means Versatility

The Strata curved-face sign system allows for a standardized, easily interchangeable sign system that can be integrated within the decor, styling and performance requirements of any interior environment. The various panel sizes, graphic methods and configurations allow a great deal of flexibility while keeping the benefits of standard products.

For more information visit our Strata product page.

Lucent Sign System

Translucent ADA Signage

Lucent is a preferred alternative to glass and traditional ADA signage because of its optical clarity, durability and design flexibility. The product’s offers an unprecedented ability to incorporate the architecture’s ambient and directional light into the design of your signage.

A Designer's Product

Lucent offers the ability to simulate a variety of glass applications combined with unlimited profile shapes and unique (matte or slate) surface textures. Metallic text, raised graphics or second surface colors greatly expand the design possibilities of this versatile product.

Proven Technology

Lucent is based on Best Sign System’s thermoforming technology also found in its ImPressions™ product family. Our proprietary thermoforming manufacturing process offers precise graphic detail utilizing acrylics that are many times the impact resistance of glass or other select engineered materials that resist excessive handling common in high-traffic environments.

For more information visit our Lucent product page.

Graphic Blast

Best Sign Systems’ proprietary Graphic Blast® engraving process enables artwork and text to be carved in most man-made materials including: engineered plastics, solid-surface materials, stone and wood. Our Graphic Blast manufacturing process is ideal for tactile and ADA compliant interior signage requiring 1/32” raised characters and Grade II domed Braille that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The Graphic Blast process allows virtually unlimited graphics and text flexibility.

Green Construction and LEED Benefits

  • 6 Standard material colors
  • Highly durable and requires less maintenance and replacement than similar products
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content
  • Composed of rapidly-renewable materials
  • Low chemical and particulate emissions meeting Greenguard Certification

For more information visit our MP (Melamine Phenolic) and Fiberglass product pages.


Custom ADA Signage for Schools and Hospitals

ImPressions uniquely combines durable performance and design flexibility in a single-piece ADA sign. That means no attached letters or raised characters to pull or pick at by curious passersby. ImPressions is perfect for high-traffic environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels – withstanding damage from cleaning and excessive handling without compromising fine graphic detail.

ImPressions is manufactured through a process of thermoforming which provides for crisp, clean edges, detailed text, logos and graphics. Combined with integral color and fingerprint-resistant surface texturing, this sturdy technology provides a wide range of design flexibility. The product’s performance lies in its composition, an impact and flame-resistant, thermoplastic alloy used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including aircraft and medical equipment enclosures.

For more information visit our ImPressions product page.

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