Lucent, Custom ADA Signage with translucence and surface textures

Download Lucent Designer's Guide
All of the features and design details are outlined in this comprehensive marketing tool in a convenient .pdf format.

Translucent ADA Signage

Lucent is a preferred alternative to glass and traditional ADA signage because of its optical clarity, durability and design flexibility. The product’s offers an unprecedented ability to incorporate the architecture’s ambient and directional light into the design of your signage.

A designer’s ADA-signage product

Lucent offers the ability to simulate a variety of glass applications combined with unlimited profile shapes and unique (matte or slate) surface textures. Metallic text, raised graphics or second surface colors greatly expand the design possibilities of this versatile product.

Proven technology

Lucent is based on Best Sign’s thermoforming technology also found in its ImPressions™ product family. Our proprietary thermoforming manufacturing process offers precise graphic detail utilizing acrylics that are many times the impact resistance of glass or other select engineered materials that resist excessive handling common in high-traffic environments.

Green, Sustainability and LEED Benefits

  • Durable - requires less maintenance and replacement than similar products
  • Efficiently recycled and reused as post-industrial reclaimed materials
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content

Material Features & Performance

  • Type-2 preferred domed Braille
  • 117 standard paint colors to choose from (custom available)
  • One-piece construction with no removable elements
  • Unique surface texturing: slate and matte
  • Durable acrylic is many times the impact resistance of glass
  • Life of the building warranty

Preferred Applications

  • Hotels and Condominiums
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Hospitals
  • Universities