Best offers standard photopolymer signage with a standard 12-month limited warranty. We offer this product as a result of broad industry acceptance.

Lucent - An Alternative to Photopolymer

However, we strongly encourage our customers to use our surface-painted Lucent signage as a premier equivalent sign. While our photopolymer sign comes with a 12 month warranty, Bests Lucent comes with a life of the building warranty with no noticeable differences to the photopolymer product at a comparable price. If you are unsure of the attributes of Lucent, simply ask for a sample for approval for your order.

To learn more about Lucent, visit our Lucent web page.

Best Phenolic Photopolymer

Note: Please inquire for specifications or images.

“Hard Type” acrylic photopolymer is directly adhered to a phenolic sign base to create this high quality, environmentally friendly material. It’s one piece construction leads to lower fabrication costs and greater durability. Background is painted and raised area are printed using contrasting colors. For interior use only.

Material Specifications

  • Material thickness Face Relief: .040 acrylic photopolymer
  • Material thickness Substrate: .120″ Paper Phenolic Base
  • Weight - 1.1 lb./sq. ft. (2.42 kg/3 sq. cm)
  • Maximum drying temperature - 176 F (80C)
  • Durometer - 78 Shore D Hardness
  • Flame Retardant